Integrated hijab under turtleneck sweater

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Color: Brown

This piece is ESSENTIAL in the hijabi girl's wardrobe!!!
This is a turtleneck style undershirt with an integrated hijab!
It can be worn under an abaya, a jilbeb, sports clothing, whatever you want to be more comfortable! The hood hides your neck, you will add a hijab on top because it can be used as a hat under the hijab! It really is the ideal piece! Being long sleeved, it hides your arms if your abaya rides up! And on top of all that, it's THE piece in winter, it will cover you discreetly without having a thousand and one pile of fabric on you!
Unique size
Turtleneck material
Elastic fabric, suitable for all body types
Attaches like a jilbeb/khimar

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